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FOREX-STATION.COM Retaliate Forex Indicators & EAs Sellers? Ilegal Manipulated content to harm competition.

    FOREX-STATION.COM Use Forum to Retaliate Forex developers Sellers with manipulation content in his websites. They MANIPULATE content PRACTICE ABUSIVE conduct with RETALIATION against forex product Expert Advisors and Indicators developers and coders with Ilegal and abusive conduct use forum to army Forex Stores, forex companies and paid products with a unfair competition in niche. Do they practice unfair control ?? Admins use forum to Retaliate Forex product developers with manipulation contente in his websites??

    One complaint that needs to be highlighted and brought to everyone on the internet is that the #forex-station com Forum managed by Jimmy, Mrtools, Xard and Mladen is being used to make fake reports and defame another Forex paid products in niche ( who sell their products as Indicators and Expert Advisors ) for their own benefit with unfair competition in the niche.  

But they advertise as free download mt5 indicator, mt4 indicator, non repaint indicator Expertadvisors for Free, but actually start charging for the downloads ? So this is why they use forum to defame and harm paid products in other forex stores ??     

    They manipulation of negative reviews, comments  and clients logins inside #forex-station in order to damage the image of others products, forex stores for their own interests and to benefit from the traffic on Google and to get more sales of downloads pakpage. 

    Actually was FOUND the big reason of the content manipulation done by this forum, based on a report in a RELIABLE forum ( Forex Peace Army ) from  one user available at this link: ... ion-review 

    As the report made by one of the users of the forum shows, the administrators and owners of the forum who control the content and block login of members without notice, HAVE THE INTTENTION TO SELL DOWNLOADS of Free Indicators and Eas, there is also the possibility of spreading viruses within these downloads like show the user. SO DO NOT RISK THE SECURITY OF YOUR COMPUTER BY DOWNLOADING FROM THIS WEBSITE.

    Once again reinforce here the manipulation of the forum administrators and also the retaliation through stimulation of negative comments by users who have infringed our copyright in the past and are using this forum to continue harming us with this CLEAR RETALIATION AND DIRECT ATTACK APPROVED AND PROTECTED BY THE FORUM OWNERS for revenue interests and unfair competition in the business of Selling Forex Products. 

    This link above is a evidency that make UNFAIR COMPETITION to make money by selling downloads and collecting traffic from google via Keywords of others bad reviews that they publish and like show the REVIEW with the link above. As stated in the review posted by another forum user, DOWNLOADS CAN BE SUSPECTED, so dont risk your secret and pesonal files and content and data,files of your computer at risk by DOWNLOADING ANY FILE INSIDE THIS WEBSITE FORUM MANIPULATED that show unfair content control and competition practiced by the admins that is a Illegal and Unlawful !!!

    Another point that points to a manipulated retaliation is to pay attention in the forum: when a post title seems to have a negative intention, notice that all posts in the topic will only have negative posts and there will never be the opposite part of the subject with any positive comment or with compliments. This is a clear situation of content manipulation. This content must be considered by everyone interested and involved in this type of issue and taken to as many people as possible through sharing this post on social networks and other forums.

    if you have read this post and have witnessed some kind of very abusive situation in this #forexforum #forexindicators , forex sellers, stores owners who work in the Forex Niche, forex traders who in case they suffer retaliation or unfair competition or any abusive tratice attempt to leave their testimonial in this topic or share the content that is hurting and harm Companies that Develop and Market FOREX Software and products. 

    As such an attitude in a forum where all content must be posted, positive and negative comments, this attitude of manipulating content for one's own benefit deserves this website to be banned from the internet.

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