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By Simpleton
I'm not sure if this is a Rookie question, or what, but I figured it belongs here since I'm asking because I'm ignorant and new at live trading.
I have done manual trading, blown my share of accounts, I recently went back to school to finish my undergraduate degree, and I work full time, and have family obligations, So my time is pretty limmiteed. I stepped back from Forex because I did not have the time to commit to watching the market, but wanted to pick up a good EA. It's hard to find out what ones are scams and what ones are legit, so finding this page was great. I've been running lots of EAs over the past year on demo accounts, and want to go live, but I'm at a crossroad where I don't know of a good broker who offers Cent Accounts in the United States. I have an account set up with IG, and I'm pretty happy with them except I keep blowing live accounts. I think I want to start with a smaller account that is not such a hit to the pocketbook while I test some EAs on a live account. Since IG does not offer Cent Accounts, I'm trying to find a new broker who offers Cent Accounts in my area. So, I guess my plea is "Who offers Cent Accounts in The United States?"
Can someone provide some assistance here? Everywhere I turn, all the brokers who offer cent accounts don't operate in the United States... Gosh-darned SEC.... lol

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