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By Braylon
Any trading platform you use in Forex trading will allow you to buy and sell trades in a few minutes. From the moment you decide to open a trade with an SL or TP level already defined, you will need seconds to open a trade. When the trade is open, you can close it in a second. The most commonly used platform is Metatrader 4, which will provide you with all you need. With a few clicks, you can enter any trading pair, like CAD, and exit that trade. How many trades you can open depends on your account size, lot size, and available margin at that time. The only limit on the processing speed of your request depends on the broker's liquidity when you want to open or close an order. It rarely happens that you cannot open or close the order at the time you want.

Share your results, Strategies and Discuss about S[…]

Share your results, Strategies and Discuss about&n[…]

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