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This channel is meant to sorry create awareness that. Learn and earn admin @FxNinja9 is a pure scam.  Please don't fall for all his tricks. Good luck

This is also a scam to lure more people in.. I was scammed of over $200 by @FxNinja9

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Learn And Earn
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Here is som prof of it  

40 days roi

Kristjan Saarsalu <>
T, 3. märts 2020 09:14
saajale fxninja9

Hey .

I am kristjan one of inwestors.

And i writed for you to telegram. Its shows active reacent but you dont read and you r not anservynd to me

Hello Friend.
how are you?
today i got 40 days full when i invested.
and because of the unexpected, i need the $ 800 you have made. then you will have $ 400 left to grow

Manuste ala

Kristjan Saarsalu <>
K, 11. märts 2020 15:44
saajale fxninja9


why don't you answer or read my mails on the telegram.

please be so nice and let me know.
I want to withdraw money on March 22nd
Lugupidamisega: Kristjan Saarsalu

Kristjan Saarsalu <>
P, 5. aprill 2020 23:33
saajale fxninja9


please be so nice and send me back my 200

do you remember what you said you don't cheat people.
you blocked my conversations. I believed you.
and so you do with everyone.
I gave away my last money. hoping you are the person who really helps me
Lugupidamisega: Kristjan Saarsalu

Kristjan Saarsalu <>
R, 24. aprill 2020 17:54
saajale fxninja9

Our investors remain our top priority. No matter what happens, we will never delay their repayment.

You get paid even when you don't ask except for those compounding.

People are locked down but are catching out via our investment program.

Check the pinned message of this channel and read the investment part if interested.

You get as much as 150% ROI

You hardly find that. And even if you do, its scam.



So and i am mailing for you 4 time. And no anserw
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